Cassandra has opened many unique opportunities for me and has enabled me to grow as a singer and as a person. I did not know how to channel my emotions and connect them to my songs. The process of learning to convey my feelings in a natural and convincing manner also taught me to become more self aware of my personality and reactions. I have carried this lesson with me throughout every one of my performances and it has helped me become more confident and has granted me a deeper understanding of myself. She has helped me to always think positively and to never be doubtful of my gift.  I leave every class with a heightened appreciation towards myself, my talent as well as an increased drive towards pursuing music in the future.


Cassandra has helped me overcome obstacles and taught me things on a spiritual level to make me feel as one with my sound and body. She helped me open my eyes and my outlook on music and it is now deeper than just my sound and voice—it’s my soul, spirit and body.


Thanks for being a great coach.  The skills you teach are impactful and meaningful. I’ve grown so much in confidence and my stage performance. Working with you has allowed me to relinquish fears on every level. For that I’m truly grateful.


“I am an artist… Synonymous to vulnerability. Vulnerability is what I thought was my greatest weakness. But when I met Cassandra, she read me instantly. I knew I always had it in me. But like many, I used insecurities and fears to prevent me from moving forward in my progress as an artist. Cassandra dedicated herself fully to helping me break down these barriers. She is the most selfless, giving person who truly laid down everything to make sure I mastered my mind as a creative. Beyond the Performing Artist Mastermind program, Cassandra continuously leads me to several opportunities. I am blessed to have formed a relationship with Cassandra through our work together, she served as a reminder and a primary force that helped me tap into the reason to why I chose to pursue artistry in the first place: to serve others. And there is no better example than Cassandra, who is undeniably a servant through her incredible character, dedication and expertise.

Adriana S.

Cassandra, through technique and motivation, has helped me free up my voice, sing with confidence and reassurance, which wouldn’t be possible without believing in me. Stage fright has held me back from doing the one thing that makes me feel free and I never, in a million years, would have thought that in a short span, I would be able to perform without fear. This has been the ultimate change in my life that has impacted me the most since she literally made me overcome what has been stopping me from singing for so many years. I give Cassandra the utmost of thanks for pushing me and guiding me beyond my comfort zone in order for me to shine.


Cassandra Claude has made such an impact on my life not only musically but personally. Every day Cassandra welcomes all her students with a big smile even if she’s having the most stressful day—no matter, what she always puts all things aside for each student. Cassandra has made sure that all of her students are the strongest and most prepared they can be in life through this industry. Ever since I met her it felt like we were meant to cross paths with each other. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful human being in my life that has become my mentor. 


“Cassandra Claude has been the greatest guidance and support as my mentor. Through her unique techniques, refreshing perspectives, and creative ideas I have learned to over come some of the struggles I have faced, and still face now as a young singer. Self confidence within my singing has been the ultimate struggle, and has been a continuous work in progress for me. Cassandra has pushed me out of my shell and allowed an abundance of growth which has resulted in many successes in performances. I am beyond grateful to be apart of her vision and to have someone who seeks nothing but the best for her students.”


“Since taking lessons from Cassandra, I have overcome many of my obstacles as a vocalist. I have grown to become a more powerful singer, but I have also grown in confidence with myself. Cassandra pushes me to be the best I can be, and provides a comforting and safe environment while doing so. She has helped me find my voice.”

Korin B.

Before working with Cassandra I struggled a lot with my confidence as a singer. I believe our work is not over yet but I know I am in the right hands and trust Cassandra in guiding me to improve my singing and performing capabilities. Additionally, she has not only been a guide to me in the craft that I love but she has also provided a lot of support and has become like a big sister to me who I know will always have words of encouragement when obstacles are found, driving me to work on myself and my purpose.


Before working with Cassandra, I really struggled with my confidence, as well as singing out and staying true to myself. With all of her help, I was able to gain the confidence and presence I need on stage, and I can now enter every new opportunity with an excited spirit. So grateful and looking forward to the achievements that we will be able to accomplish together. 


Cassandra Claude is a voice angel sent from the heavens. Before working with her, I had a lot of issues with vocal insecurities, finding beautiful songs in my vocal range and opening my heart and soul to music in general. Cassandra took me in and changed my entire perspective to the world of music. She has helped me overcome many obstacles and as a result, I enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful life, self-confidence and understanding the beauty of music. Without her, I would still be in the same hole that I was before her.
I appreciate and give much love to her work.


I was able to realize that voice and singing lessons is a body, mind, and soul practice and requires a lot of time and effort. You do not just master the skill of singing in one lesson, it takes commitment, and you should practice daily. Your body is an instrument that produces the beautiful sound of music, the voice, that is expressed with the help of your heart and soul- and Cassandra Claude of course. .

Amber C.