Teddy Tassy

Teddy! What an incredible journey! You came at the beginning of my creation of The Artist Life Mastermind Workshop and your growth actually helped cement the true essence of what this workshop is truly all about. I watched you open up to the core of yourself and deeply discover your truest potential as a model and an actor. You had so much in you all along and being the conduit to bring it out was a unique and remarkable pleasure. You not only released blockages, but you let go all forms of limitations that were weighing you down. In each step, I got a glimpse of your future–so it goes without question that I am not nearly surprised of your immediate growth of success since then. There is no doubt you became rooted and grounded in the choice you made to pursue this career and you became more internally aware on how to take on all challenges that come along the way in your pursuit. Congrats on all your success and can’t wait to hear about more!

•      National FPL Commercial
•      Carnival Cruise Lines
•      Magic Leap
•      Mermot