Congrats, Sally on your booking of your first national commercial with Checkers! 2018 has been such a special year for you in your career and it has been amazing to witness it all. You are now a SAG card owner, and this accomplishment came with ultimate hard work and dedication on your end.
Your appreciation and love for the arts has truly been the essence of your growth as an actress. You have wholeheartedly allowed yourself to be vulnerable in voice lessons and creative movement as if you intuitively knew that a variety in art forms can only strengthen your craft. This is only the beginning. You are humble in your path and dedicated to your journey.
It is a pleasure working with such talent and looking forward to many more success stories!



My name is Sally Nieves and I have a very diverse background.I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with two BA’s, one in Linguistics with a French concentration and French minor and the other in Communication Studies with a focus on intercultural relations.
I have had a passion for the performing arts since I was about 4 years old and I knew I wanted to be an actress since I was 6. I am currently finishing a one year intensive acting program at The New York Film Academy Miami Beach, where I have learned various techniques and methods from the great Stanislavski to his most treasured pupil Chekhov, and of course we can’t forget Meisner. I have also studied Shakespeare and stage combat for theater and film.
During my college years I participated in a storytelling competition in which I won first place! I’m very proud of that because it was my first time ever being a part of a storytelling event.
As a child I was part of the Broward County Honor Choir and performed all over the county and at Disney in Orlando.
I stopped singing shortly after because I was unfortunately bullied for my tiny body and deep voice, although I have decided to persevere and now I am happily taking voice lessons with Cassandra and regaining my voice and confidence! I plan to continue to work on my craft and perfect it while pursuing my career in the performance world.

I am currently creating my own web series that I plan to begin filming in the next few months. I have realized that in life you can’t just wait for opportunities to be handed to you, you must go out there and either find them or create them and thats exactly what I am doing! My biggest goal is to come full circle with my own charity that I have started to also work on. I believe that anything in life is possible if you’re willing to work hard, believe in yourself and trust that God will always have your back. =)