Congratulations on your selection into one of Miami’s top music and academic programs for high school. Your acceptance came as no surprise to me since you are the definition of talent and hard work. Everything you do, you give your all. At such a young age, it is amazing to see what you have already accomplished. You’re an athlete, your intellect is proven through your academics, you are an instrumentalist, and undoubtedly a talented singer and performer. Your musicianship is even greatly recognized by your peers! I am proud of everything you are and it is such a pleasure to be your teacher. Keep it up!

“When it’s open and honest, that’s when the real nature of who you are as a vocalist or as a performer can finally start to become what it’s supposed to be. It’s not even a musical thing, it’s a whole mindset, a whole acceptance of who you were supposed to be.”
-Alison Krauss