Brooks Twins

Congratulations Anisa and Olissa for being named as the feature and headliner at the popular fine-dining restaurant, Little Alley Steak, Steakhouse in Atlanta, GA. Being asked and ultimately chosen to entertain as an opener and closer is a great honor for you both and it makes me so proud. You work so hard in all you do and you are truly the epitome of artistry for performing as well as visual arts.  How incredible it must be to be gifted with both? I commend you ladies for always staying true to your love of singing and the arts as a whole. The dynamic of working with you is a treat as it is intriguing. You both are so different, yet your engaging styles magically combine and create lyrical themes with powerful melodies and harmonies to produce this sound that is delightful and entertaining. A major bravo for you! Well done, Brooks Twins!
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