Brent Love (Pop Artist)

Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Brent, congrats on everything you’ve done, everything you are doing, and on everything to come! It truly is a pleasure being your vocal coach. You entered my studio with an openness to polish your golden voice and I have to thank you for trusting me with it! Your talent is undeniable! It has already been a great journey! You embody the blend of professionalism and a fun, easygoing spirit which makes working with you a joy. Keep being charmingly-awesome and keep showing up in this industry just exactly how you have been.

Singer, songwriter and producer, Brent Lover has conquered many obstacles in life that may seem impossible. His single parent mother, instilled in him the importance of being independent, the importance of his spirituality and most importantly, honesty. These principals have been the key and translated his musical style as an eccentric pop artist.
From performing in Manhattan’s legendary Carnegie hall to mastering the art of playing the piano by ear, Brent Love recorded his first independent album during his junior year of high school and sold out.
He struggled briefly on deciding to choose his passion for music versus a corporate profession. He discovered his purpose in this life was to be a game-changer in the business of music and entertainment.

“Eternity” Link Brent Love