Amina, it truly is an honor to be your voice teacher for all these years and counting. Through you, I have ultimately witnessed what research has declared about musicians. Studies affirm that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that are inevitably used in other areas. YOU are the poster of this! Learning music as in depth as you have has a profound effect on schoolwork, confidence, discipline, accomplishment, humanity, and is a pursuit and passion that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You are a success story as you continue to show all aspects of this and beyond. You are to be commended for so much more than just the beautiful voice you share in song at every concert, recital, or event. I am so proud of you! The following is just to name a few things you are to be applauded for thus far:

•       Your travel to Haiti to shadow a doctor in a hospital to aid the sick
•       Volunteer efforts at multiple orphanages in Haiti
•       Admittance to the Excelsior Program (highest honor) at Archbishop McCarthy High School
•       Founder of Archbishop McCarthy’s first a capella group, Mavatone
•       Participation in the National Student Leadership Program, 2017
•       Graduating as Valedictorian from St. Bernadette Catholic School
•       Member of the Pre-Med Club
•       Member of Best Buddies Club
•       Member of Becca’s Closet Club
•       4.95 GPA, school year 2016-2017
•       Composition written and performed at SOCAPA in New York

Keep it up, Amina! You have realized my work’s purpose and spirit, thank you! I believe you are an inspiration to the next generation of musicians to come.