My philosophy of teaching singing is one that involves the whole student; meaning not just the technique, but the mind and soul of the singer. I invite my students to explore the deepest part of their being and bring newfound depths to their singing. Yes, this philosophy comes from a singer and voice teacher standpoint that grew up in stern music programs, earning a degree in music where vocal pedagogy dominated. I was taught to be a technically correct vocalist and learned to teach that way as well. My formative years in vocal music education were great and necessary for my path. I taught my students from the same curricula that I learned from, even including theory and ear training in their practice. As they themselves honed into those very same tools, the vocal sounds they produced were beautiful, healthy and polished. I soon began to realize that my teaching could not end there, however. This is not solely about a blueprint to vocal performance; it is a guide to be centered and explore inner self, creating openness and vulnerability that influences singing to not only sound beautiful, but to be heartfelt and honest. I believe in offering wisdom and courage to singers and to become a conduit to them evoking sounds that are reflective to their life experiences. I involve the importance of technique in an effort to point the way to opening the threshold of connecting body and mind, and nature and nurture to singing. I allow my students to consider beyond the fixed technique and towards a place of singing from the depths of them. Singing is personal, and it is important to feel connected to the honesty and beauty of their talent.