Natalie Askowitz


Natalie, one might ask how congratulating you on being chosen as the Palmetto Panther, Print Editor-In-Chief related to your awesome talent; I would say that it’s everything about how you hone your talent that makes this absolutely relatable! You are proof that it is through your appreciation and dedication to the performing arts that you supersede being a phenomenal leader.

Through your intellect, you have tools to handle rational discourses, but through your talent as a singer, you have a true understanding and a perspective of emotions, creativity, self-knowledge, and all that encompasses the human experience. In my eyes, you are the absolute definition of a “well-rounded” individual that makes for a courageous leader who knows how to work with others and can step forward when facing a problem that cannot be quantified. You have shown this to me over the years and it is quite a pleasure being your teacher. Thank you for year after year of stepping up to lead my recitals, showcases, community outreach, and for always willing to share your support with ideas and initiatives in creating a great experience for all of your singing-commrades.

I know you will take on this position of Editor-In-Chief with immense poise and naturally assume the role of an influencer amongst your peer-journalists. I am always proud of you! Continue to be great!