I decided to build this medium called Performing Artist Mastermind in order to thoroughly provide all emotional and psychological support to artists. There were 7 major keys to cover and with it all it was important to me that every artist partaking in this program or receiving one-to-one coaching with, was able to dedicate their full attention and focus on building a successful pursuit as an artist and having opportunities for growth and unforgettable performances. If you’re reading this as an artist, you know that financial support is a plus, but a very important aspect to this journey that is in essence a requirement, is most certainly physical and mental well being. When I decided to build this branch of my company, I knew instantly that I wanted to add a health component. The maintenance of an active performing artist an their longevity as a whole is largely based on their own personal health-wellness.

In any part of this industry, the environment is not fully encouraging to health in all aspects. You work in congested spaces, you work with many emotions, and you work at all kinds of hours. Making healthy choices to sustain this kind of life is unfortunately not usually brought up as a part of having success as an artist. Although most already know the keys in maintaining good health, this journey is so personal to everyone and how to go about the best health choices for YOU can be difficult.

It was truly a no-brainer to ask Roya Siroospour to join my team! She gladly said yes and of course I was excited! My reason in asking a professional in the Health and Fitness Industry to join Performing Artist Mastermind was to give each individual artist a way to optimize their personal well-being. The results would be a strong physical and mental self that is needed as a component to being a successful performing artist with energy, vitality, and mental clarity those healthy habits and regiments can provide!

Roya is the founder of RoyaFit in Miami! She grew up heavily in health and fitness and brings to us 20 years of experience in her industry. Over the years, her passion and expertise have created custom-branded formats that have been launched by top-tier fitness companies. Roya has been featured on Deco Drive, CNN, and Telemundo, and has worked extensively with celebrities. She has a sharp eye for recognizing and nurturing very specific and detailed goals. It is an honor to have her part of the Performing Artist Mastermind team!