According to CNN, Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, was found dead Thursday in apparent suicide. Articles I are speaking of his addiction.

First off, Linkin Park was everything in my high school days! Another celebrity (singer) commits suicide after battling addiction. I have been preparing a workshop on philosophies in keeping your mind in tact as an artist and as fame arises (before and after). This is yet another on my slide and so saddened. This is a serious thing in my world of artistry both in fame and not. How do you prepare mentally for the ups and downs of fame or trying to get to fame? Too many and workshops on how to become famous and not many (if at all) on the mental health and the difficulties that creeps in and how to deal with it.

I know this is a quick post. I guess it’s a small vent. But it truly is important to me to hold that title Artist Mentor. My workshop is in the works and launching it then spreading it so all have access to it is one of my purposes in this field—I just feel it!